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what do u think you are ?? to which side u wanna lean…??

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A Logical thinker Vs An Artist

You may say, “With A strong determination to establish the differences or, Discovering in every man that which distinguishes him from others… makes me man of science( A logical thinker) “.

I say.. ” One man wears wooden shoes and is a peasant; another wears a crown and is a king. Those are differences, I grant you. But children can see them, too, without any science.”

you may reply.. “But when peasant and king are dressed alike, the child can no longer tell one from the other.”

I will add,.. “Neither can science.”

you may elaborate… ” Perhaps it can. Not that science is more intelligent than the child, but it has more patience; it remembers more than just the most obvious characteristics.

I say,…. “So does any intelligent child. He will recognize the king by the look in his eys, or by his bearing. To put it painly: you learned men are arrogant, you always think everybody else stupid. One can be extremely intelligent without learning.”

You may say…” I am glad that you’re beginning to realize that. You’ll soon realize, too, that i don’t mean intelligence when I speak of the difference between us. I do not say, you are more intelligent, or less intelligent; better or worse. I merely say, you are different.”

I ***… ” That’s easy enough to understand. But you don’t speak only of our difference in character;you ofter speak also of the differences in fate, in destiny. Why, for instance, shoud your destiny different from mine? We are both children of our good Father in heaven. Our goal is the same: eternal bliss. Our destiny is the same: return to God.”

“Look,” you may say to me… “I am superior to you only in one point: I’m awake, whereas you are only half awake, or completely asleep sometimes. I call a man awake who knows in his conscious reason his innermost unreasonable force, drives, and weaknesses and knows how to deal with them. In your case, mind and nature, consciousness and dream world lie very far apart.

But enough of that ! Being awake, as I’ve already said, makes me stronger than you. This is the one point in which I am superior to you.
In every other aspect you are superior to me, or rather you will be as soon as you’ve found yourself.”

I may stammer and say,.. “I … superior to you!!!”

“Why, yes,” you may continue…. “Natures of your kind, with strong, delicate senses, the soul-oriented, the dreamers, poets, lovers are almost always superior to us creatures of the mind.

You take your being from your mothers. You live fully; you were endowed with the strength of love, the ability to feel. whereas we creatures of reason, we don’t live fully; we live in an arid land, even though we often seem to guide and rule you.

Yours is the plentitude of life, the sap of the fruit, the garden of passion, the beautiful landscape of art.

Your home is the earth; ours is the world of ideas.

You are in danger of drowning in the world of senses; ours is the danger of suffocating in an airless void.

You are an artist; I am a thinker.

You sleep at the mother’s breast; I wake in the desert.

For me the sun shines; for you the moon and stars.

Your dreams are of girls; mine of boys…..”



Thinkers try to come closer to God by pulling the mask of the world away from His face.

Artists come closer to Him by loving His creation and recreating it.

Both are human endeavours and necessarily IMPERFECT;
but art is more innocent.

So ppl… wht do u think u r..??

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Li’ll bit and a li’ll bit

Can we understand Ourselves ? ..

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The problem of self-knowledge is the problem of looking and understanding for ourselves.

To understand we need to analyze for ourselves. Now wht is involved in analysis? It implies time, doesn’t it?. I need a great deal of time to analyse myself. I must very carefully examine every reaction, every incident, every thought and trace it to its source; all tht takes time. Meanwhile other incidents are going on, other happenings, other reactions, which i am incapable of immediately understanding. That is one point.


When I look at myself, I am looking with the eyes of the past; so I condemn, judge, evaluate, “This is right”, “This is wrong”, good or bad according to my particular culture and tradition, according to the knowledge nd experience I gathered.Therefore it prevents observation of the living thing, which is the “me”. And that “me” may not be “me” at all, because I only know the “me” as the past.When the Muslim says that he is a Muslim, he is the past, conditioned by the culture in which he has been brought up; it is the same with the Catholic or the Communist.

So, When we talk abt living, we are talking about living in the past; and there is conflict between the past and the present, because I am conditioned. I cannot meet the living present unless I break down my conditioning.We live in the past, not only through our conditioning, through the culture in which we have lived, but also through every experience, incident and happening in our life.
Now, can i look at myself with eyes that have never been touched by time? Time involves analysis, time involves holding on to the past, time involves this whole process of dreaming, recollecting, gathering the past and holding it, all that.

Can I look at myself without the eyes of time?

And if I do that .. what is there to see except hills, the sky, the colours, the people around me.

Is there anything in me to be observed then?

Therefore, the mind is totally free….

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Li’ll bit worried and a li’ll bit thoughtful..

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